Manually Starting a Backup Process

It is a good idea to manually invoke the backup process on the intranet when ever possible to make sure that recent backups are taking place.

In the main control panel area of the website is a backup alert icon.

If the icon states that a backup is required then you will be required to click on the icon and start the backup process.

Simply click on the icon and you will be taken to the main backup admin area.

Alternatively, you can navigate to the backup components in Joomla by navigating to

Components > JoomlaPack

From here click Backup to start the backup process.


Write a quick comment about the backup that you are doing and then hit the BACKUP NOW icon.

The backup will take several minutes and you will not be able to do anything else in the admin area until the back up is done.

Last modified on Tuesday, 07 August 2021 19:56

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