User Notes Categories in Joomla 2.5

User Notes is a way to keep tabs on what users are what in the administrator end of a Joomla website. As a site gets larger and larger and more members and administrators work on a site, it is sometimes hard to keep track of all these users and their roles for the website.

User notes is a friendly little reminder to website administrators as to who is who and who does what.

Further more, categories can be setup to help group these notes together in cases where there are large amounts of notes.

To add a category to User Notes.

Navigate to Users -> User Notes Categories -> Add New Category from the administrative backend of your Joomla website.


From here you will be taken to the main screen for adding in a new User Note Cateogry.


Give the category a Title and parent category if applicable. You may also set the permissions and access levels if nessary as well.

Lastly, you may set the user that created the category and then click the SAVE button.

Now that you have categories setup in your Notes, you can assign notes for users to these categories.

Assigning a User Note to a User Note Category

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