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On any Joomla website you can login to the front end of the website without needing a specific link to the front end login page. You may ask, why you would want to login to the front end of the website? In some circumstances, an administrator may wish to login to the front end to see content that is marked in their group as 'special' and can only be seen on the front end after logging in. 

You could easily add a login form on the website or a direct menu link to the login page but as an administrator you may not want regular users accessing the login page at all, and hence displaying a login module or login link may not be acceptable.

This can be done by adding in the extra string that will tell Joomla to take you to the login page.

In Joomla 1.5, add this string to the end of the website's domain in the URL address bar of your browser.



This will automatically take you to the login page of the Joomla website allowing you to login to the front end.

For Joomla 1.6 and above just use



The default view for the com_user is set to the login screen so that is the only part of the string that you'll need.

Login via the form that will appear. It is as easy as that.



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