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Thursday, 13 January 2011 09:08

Exploring Joomla 1.6 User Manager

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  • Version: Joomla 1.6-1.7

Managing users in Joomla 1.6 is all controlled in the User Manager area in the backend of Joomla. In the User Manager area you can add new users, delete, deny access, user groups and permissions of those user groups to the content management system.

This tutorial will just look at the basic user management areas of Joomla 1.6.


To access the User Management screen, either click on the User Manager icon from the control panel of Joomla or navigate with the administrator menu via Users -> User Manager.


User Manager Screen

This will bring up the main User Manger administrator screen.


This screen will give you an overview of all the users that are currently registered and have either front end of back end access to your Joomla powered website.

1) Control Buttons

These are the main control function buttons for the user manager screen. Functions are as follows.

  • New: starts the process to create a new user in the system
  • Edit: When a check box next to a users name is ticked, the edit screen for that user will appear. Administrators can then change details about that user.
  • Activate: This will activate an user account. Needed if the approval process for new registrations is set to manual or admin approved
  • Block: Will keep the users account but block their account access to the system. The user will not be able to login to the website.
  • Unblock: Unblocks the users account from the system.
  • Delete: This will delete a user when the check boxes are selected next to their names
  • Options: Will load the configuration options for User management.

2) Sub Menu Bar

The Sub menu bar flicks between the User screen, User Groups and Viewing Access Level screens.

3) Filter Area

The filter area allows you to quickly search and filter users in order to find certain accounts. This is very useful when there are hundreds of users on your system

4) User Details Overview

This are gives you an overview of the users details and allows you to sort by these details. Name, username, enable/disabled, approved, access level, email, creation date and last access date can all be viewed and sorted by here.

To sort this view, simply click on the title of the column at the top and it will toggle between ascending and descending for that column.

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