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Wednesday, 01 December 2010 16:27

Changing the display order of articles

Modyfying the order of your articles is very easy in Joomla. This is really usefull if you require particular articles to be published towards the top of your page, or other specific articles published in a particular order.


By default, Joomla will publish your articles in the order that they were written: So newer articles are always placed at the top of your blog layout, and are replaced with more current articles as you publish them.

To change the order of your articles, select from ARTICLE MANAGER from the CONTENT tab in the top menu. Your page will display a list of articles on your website.

In the graphic below, you can see there are three artcles (Last weeks article, Yesterdays article, and Todays article). Notice the ORDER column. Here, you have two methods that can be used to change the order:

  1. By clicking each of the up or down arrows, articles can be positioned in a particular order.
  2. The display order can also be be rearranged by typing in the desired order directly into the number text field.


For instanance, In my example I would like "Todays Article" to appear first, then "Yesterdays Article", followed by "Last Weeks Article". To do this, I am going to simply re-order the articles by typing what order I would like them to appear into the numbered text field.

Once you have finished, make sure you save the order by clicking the graphic of a diskette found at the top of the order column.


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