Anchors and Linking Internally on a Page

An anchor is a point in your article or item that jumps to another point on the same page. For instance, you may have a long article with many sub-headings. Towards the top of your page, you might list your sub-headings and have them jump or 'link' to the relevant paragraph further down the page when clicked.

Anchors on a website are similar to a contents page in a book or magazine.

To insert an anchor point in your article:

  1. Open the Item you wish to add an anchor to:
    K2 > Items > selected Item
  2. Locate and select a point next to the text or image you wish to use as the anchor.
  3. Select the Insert/edit Anchor button on the JC Editor.
  4. Enter Anchor name and select Insert. An anchor icon will now appear in front of the selected text:

  5. To create a link to your anchor, highlight the text you wish to use as the line.
    Courtroom 1
  6. Select the Insert/edit link button on the JC Editor.

  7. Select the Anchor drop down menu under Attributes and click on the specified anchor.
    name: e.g. Courtroom1

  8. Select Update. The anchor link will now be displayed in the Item text.
Clicking the Cancel button closes the screen without inserting an anchor.
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