Adding new products to K2 Mart

This tutorial give an overview on how to add products into K2Mart via K2 for Joomla. It is as easy as adding in a new page to the website. The only thing to remember is to make sure that you add your products into the main category or a sub cateogry of K2Mart. Another pointer to remeber is that each product must have a unique SKU code to identify it in the system.

1. Navigate to the K2 Item manager, by clicking Components (located in the top menu), and then K2, and Items.



2. Click the New button located in the top right corner.



3. You should now be on the K2 Item page. Here is a description of the most important parameters.



  1. Title – Type your product name in this field.
  2. Category – Select the appropriate category for your product
  3. Upload an image for your product using the Image tab. This image will be the primary image associated with your product.
  4. Enter a product description in the text edit area. Additional secondary images can be inserted into this area if required.

4. Further down the page are the K2 mart parameters. Here is a description of the most important and commonly used parameters used in the Product information tab:



  1. Publish – Toggling this option will determine if the K2 mart parameters are published on the website. For instance, suppose you had a brand new product that you wanted displayed in your store, but not available for sale quite yet. Leaving the field unchecked would mean the product is visible to browse, but no price is displayed, and no Add To Cart button is displayed.
  2. SKU – This is a unique product code used to identify your product. The code can be any combination of letters and numbers.

5. Clicking the Product Price tab will reveal the parameters associated with pricing.



6. Stock availability can be controlled by clicking on the third tab Product Status. None of these fields are mandatory, but do offer additional control over having your product stock availability linked with your physical stock levels.



7. Product variation can be determined using the Product Attributes tab. Additional price variations can also be entered here.
For example, use these parameters to create variations in product colour or size.



8. Additional information on product weight can be entered into the last tab. These fields are optional.



9. When you have finished entering the product information, make to click the Save button located in the top right corner. Your product is now ready to view on your website.


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