Adding a page (item)

Prerequisites: Adding a category - Please ensure that you have set up a category to place your page / article into before proceeding. The documentation to set up a category can be found HERE.

In Joomla K2, all pages and articles are referred to as Items. A page can be made of of a single item, and can also be made up of several items.


Adding a page to the website can be done in a few steps.

Content > Item Manager

This will display the item manager from the CMS.

Click on the New icon that can be found in the top right area of the screen

The next screen to appear is the main editing screen for any page/item that can be found on the website.

Enter a title for the article, choose a Category for the item to sit under and then enter in the copy that you need on item.

Click on the Save button and your new item will be saved to the system.

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