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Previously in Joomla, dealing with "Categories" and "Sections" could become a real mess. Fortunately K2 has made dealing with Categories a much simpler task. You can think of categories as a filing cabinet. Perhaps you might wish to group together all your K2 items (articles) corresponding to their relevent subject matter. For instance, all articles pertaining to cats may be assigned to the "Cats" category, whilst all articles pertaining to dogs would similarly be assigned to the "Dogs" category.

You can even have parent categories  - For instance, our two categories "Cats" and "Dogs" might go into a parent category "House Pets", where as categories "Sheep" and "Ducks" might be filed into a parent category "Farm Animals".. and so on.

Bare in mind that before you even create any content, you must make sure a suitable category already exists for it to be assigned to. You may decide to just have one all encompassing category such as "uncategorised", but bare in mind it is more beneficial to you to create meaningfull categories. Imagine having a website with hundreds of articles, and you had them all assigned to one mass category! Managing your aticles would fast become a cumbersome task. It is much better to have created multiple categories that your articles can be suitably assigned to.

Log in to the administrator area of your website if you have not done so already.

  1. From the main admin console page, hover over the main menu and choose Components > K2
  2. Click on either the Categories ICON from the main display or in the sub menu from this screen.
  3. From the top right of this screen, click the NEW icon to create a new category.

  4. Fill in the details that you need for the name of the new category
  5. Choose a parent category if this new category is going to be a sub category or child of an existing one and then click save

Your new category has been created and saved and you can now add content to this category.

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