K2 is a content construction kit for Joomla with vastly increases its abilities as a CMS. It allows for multiple levels of nested categories, huge amount of social networking features, commenting and a very simple access control level for front end submission of content.

Previously in Joomla, dealing with "Categories" and "Sections" could become a real mess. Fortunately K2 has made dealing with Categories a much simpler task. You can think of categories as a filing cabinet. Perhaps you might wish to group together all your K2 items (articles) corresponding to their relevent subject matter. For instance, all articles pertaining to cats may be assigned to the "Cats" category, whilst all articles pertaining to dogs would similarly be assigned to the "Dogs" category.

Adding content to an K2 item is as easy as copying and pasting text.

These are the main function buttons that you may find on various parts of the site.

Adding an image using JCE and K2.

In order to activate a Category into the Menu and front end of the website, a link between a Category and the Menu must be created.

Prerequisites: Adding a category - Please ensure that you have set up a category to place your page / article into before proceeding. The documentation to set up a category can be found HERE.

In Joomla K2, all pages and articles are referred to as Items. A page can be made of of a single item, and can also be made up of several items.

Creating an item or a page in K2 for Joomla can be done in a few simple steps.

Extra fields can be used to include extra data into your items. For instance, if you were writing regular items about different models of sports cars, you may want to include extra text fields that refer to the various features of the car: Kind of motor, top speed, how many seats, etc.

K2 Content Modules can be used to create positions throughout your website that display certain content. For instance, you might wish to create a position on your home page that display all your aticles pertaing to a certain subject - or perhaps you want to display a certain article within the side bar of your website. K2 Content Modules gives you a lot of flexibility achieveing this.

Modyfying the order of your items is very easy in Joomla K2. This is really usefull if you require particular articles or Items to be published towards the top of your page, or other specific articles published in a particular order.

On your website, you may wish to display a specific number of articles in a blog layout on your front page. The following instructions determine how many blog articles (or items) are displayed at a give time.

K2 can generate a customisable calendar that can be placed into any module position, pulling data from specified items. A typical use of the calender may be to publish specific items from a category, and display them via clicking the relevent dates on the calender itself.

This tutorial give an overview on how to add products into K2Mart via K2 for Joomla. It is as easy as adding in a new page to the website. The only thing to remember is to make sure that you add your products into the main category or a sub cateogry of K2Mart. Another pointer to remeber is that each product must have a unique SKU code to identify it in the system.


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