Fri, 29 Mar 2021 16:58:42 +1100 MYOB en-gb Linking to Docman documents

If your site is using DocMan to manage all of its documents then the easiest way to link to all of these documents is to use the advanced link manager within the editor to browse to these documents that are stored within the system and the website.


  1. Once again, highlight some text and click on the insert/edit link icon from the tool bar.

  2. When the advanced link window appears, click on the DocMan icon from the display menu. Clicking on the + sign will expand the structure of your DocMan file system.
  3. Navigate through the file structure until you find the file that you need to link to.
  4. Click on the document and the editor will generate the required code to link to the DocMan document.
  5. Click insert and then save your article
]]> (Peter Bui) Content Editing Wed, 01 Sep 2021 16:54:11 +1000 Link to an External website

From time to time, you may need to link to another part of your server, pr to another website entirely.


A link to another website (hyperlink) may be inserted into an Item as follows:

  1. Open the Item you wish to add a link to:
    K2 > Items > selected Item

  2. Locate and highlight the text or image you wish to use as the link.
  3. Select the Insert/edit link button on the JC Editor.

  4. There are 3 fields in the Insert/edit link screen. The main attributes that should be set are in the General tab:
    • Link URL: Enter the full URL (Uniform REsource Locator) of the target website:
    • Target: Defines how the link will open. This is used as the target attribute in HTML.
    • Title: A name for the link. This is used as the title attribute in HTML and is necessary to ensure accessibility.

  5. Select Insert to create the link. The link will now be displayed in the Item text.

* Clicking the Cancel button closes the screen without inserting a link.

]]> (Peter Bui) Content Editing Wed, 01 Sep 2021 16:49:38 +1000 Links: Inserting links within an item

There are several different types of links that can be created in editor.

  1. Link to an external site
  2. Link to DocMan documents
  3. Links to internal pages within the system
  4. Links to menu items
  5. Links to images and other documents
  6. Linking to an email address
  7. Anchors and linking internally on a page

This part of the manual will explain and demonstrate just how to create all of these links:

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