Fri, 29 Mar 2021 17:02:57 +1100 MYOB en-gb Backups

Backups on the website are done at two levels.

  1. automated database backups that are sent to an email addresses specified by the main site administrator. This automated process is controlled by the backend plugin, LazyBackup that can be found in the plugins manager of the administrator part of the site.
  2. The second is managed by JoomlaPack / AkeebaBackup which is a Joomla component manageable as an admin in the administrator side of the website. This component is set up to create a full zip file of the entire site and is usually stored in the TMP folder found on the website. This folder should be backed up on a periodic basis and old backups should be purged as well.

    JoomlaPack has been configured to only keep a certain amount of recent backups so that hard disk space is not wasted on irrelevant backups of the intranet.

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