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In Joomla, all articles need to be placed into a category. You can have as many categories as you like.The advantages of using categories is simple - Being able to group different items and articles together gives you greater control on how your website is managed. 

The category manager allows you to administer how your categories are displayed, and create or delete categories.


1. The options placed towards the top right of the page allow users to create new categories, edit existing one, and toggle on or off the published status of existing categories.

2. The filter allows you to search for specific categories using specific words contained with the category name. Just be sure to remember to "Clear" the filter once you have finished using it.

3. Searches can be further refined using the drop down menu filters:

Select Max Levels
Determines how many hierarhial levels will be displayed in the filtered results

Select State
Use this to display articles matching a certain c riteria: Published. Unpublished, Archived, Trash, or All

Select Access
Use the drop-down list box to select the desired Access Level. Only items with the specified Access Level will be displayed in the list.

Select Language
Use this drop-down list box to select a desired Language. Only items for the specified language will be displayed in the list.

4. Ordering allows you control on how articles are displayed within a blog layout. To change the order of the articles, re-number each box, or click the arrow icons up and down to move articles respectively. When you have finished, click the diskette icon (found at the top of the column) to save the order.

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In the previous version of Joomla you we're not able to insert meta data on a category. When displaying content on a category blog view or a category table view, Google or any other search engine would simple read the global meta data for the site creating repeated meta information across the Joomla website. In the latest version you'll see that there are now parameters that have been made available for the addition of the meta keywords and meta description.

Joomla 1.6 has made it quite easy to add meta data to a category.

Adding Metadata to a Joomla 1.6 Category

Simple click an existing category from the Contents menu from the backend or create a new one and expand the Metadata Options panel on the right hand side of the screen.


Here you can set your desired meta description and meta keywords. 

Extra features that have been added which are very nice include alternative page titles which will allow you to control the title of the page if you want it different to what is actually displayed on the content area of the screen. Author meta and the robots tag has also been included at the categories level which tells the search engine whether or not to index and follow content and links on the category level.

Add in the details that you need and hit Save & Close.

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