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In joomla each button in a menu is called a menu item. To create a new menu item, click Menus from the top menu bar , and rollover the menu you wish to add to from the drop down list, and select Add a new menu item from the popout option that appear next to the menu name.




The first thing we need to do is determine what the menu item actual clicks through to. So, from the next screen that appears, click the select select button situated in the Menu Item Type field.



Select a menu item type. Some of of the more common choices might be Single Article (Links to a single article) or perhaps Category Blog (Links to a blog layout).


There are many different menu linking options in Joomla and more become available when more components are installed onto your website. It is worth exploring all of the different menu types and seeing how they present your content.


In this situation we've selected Articles -> Single Article. This will link a menu item directly to an article in the content management system.


Click on the Select / Change button and a list of articles that exist in Joomla will appear. If you're linking to a page that doesn't exist yet in the Article Manager then you will have to exit this and create the page first.

You can set what particular article or category the menu item will link to from the right hand menu. Don't forget to hit Save when you have finished.


We will look at all of the menu parameters and options in another tutorial.

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