Using K2 content modules

K2 Content Modules can be used to create positions throughout your website that display certain content. For instance, you might wish to create a position on your home page that display all your aticles pertaing to a certain subject - or perhaps you want to display a certain article within the side bar of your website. K2 Content Modules gives you a lot of flexibility achieveing this.

 To create a K2 Content Module, click on the EXTENSIONS tab in the top menu, then select MODULE MANAGER from the drop down list.



Click on the NEW button, situated in the top right corner.



Select the option "K2 Content". 




The following page that appears allows you to set the parameters for the module. It might look a little confusing at first, but it is really quite straight forward. Let's go through some of the options on the left side of the screen:


First let's give the module a Title. In my example I called the module "Sports Car Updates", because I want to create a module that is displayed in the side bar of my website that displays all content in relation to sports cars.

The next option Show Title determines if the title should be displayed on your website.

The Enabled option simply allows you to toggle the module on or off. Perhaps the module only needs to displayed at certain times of the month. Rather than creating new modules every month, you can simply switch the existing module off until it is required again.

The POSITION option allows you to select what position in your website you would like your module displayed. Select from the drop down menu.

Further down the page you can assign the module to display only on particular pages in the Menu Assignment. By default every page is selected (which means the module will display on every page). However, if you only want the module to appear on particular pages of your website, select the option entitled SELECT MENU ITEMS FROMN THE LIST, and the click the pages you require the module to be displayed on from the drop down box. In my example I have only selected the Home page, but multiple pages can be selected if required.


Now lets go through some of the options on the right hand side of the page. There are a number of options here, and not all will be required for your module. So lets just cover some of the more important ones.

SOURCE allows you to toggle between displaying specific articles or displaying all articles from a specific category.

The CATEGORY FILTER allows you to select particular categories to display.

The ITEM COUNT is where you determine how many articles you wish to display.

Further down is an option to SELECT SPECIFIC ITEMS. This is where you can choose a single item or article to display if required.

The ITEM VIEW OPTIONS allow you to toggle on and off specifics regarding the module, such as what elements of the article will be displayed.

When you have finished your configuration, make sure to select the SAVE button situated in the top right corner of the page.



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