Using Extra Fields

Extra fields can be used to include extra data into your items. For instance, if you were writing regular items about different models of sports cars, you may want to include extra text fields that refer to the various features of the car: Kind of motor, top speed, how many seats, etc.

So let's go through the process of how to set up some extra field. First click the Extra Fields icon from the K2 dashboard.



Click the New icon situated towards the top right corner.


Fill in the following page with your requirements for the extra field.

In our example above, the Name field might be "Model Number". I have created a new group called "Sports Cars", so that I every time I create a new article regarding sports cars the extra fields appear.

Finally, select the type of extra field you would like to include.

Repeat this process for any additional extra fields.



Now we need to assign a category to our newly created extra fields. Remember, in the last step we assigned each extra field to the group sports cars. Now click Categories from the K2 Dashboard.



Select the category from the list you wish to assign the extra fields to.



Select the group that you created earlier from the drop down menu Associated "Extra Fields Group", and click save.



Now let's see the extra fields in action. Create a new item by selecting Add new item from the K2 dashboard. Assign your item to a category from the drop down menu (in this example I am using the category Sports Cars, as that is the category that we created our extra fields for). Now, click the Extra Fields tab.



You will now see all the text fields that you have assigned to that particular category. In my example pictured below, I have created 1 of each of the various types of extra fields, just to show you the difference between them. I have also maintained the actual name, but ideally you would rename each field. For instance, the first field "Text Field" might be renamed "Model Number", The second field "Text Area" might be named "Special features", the third field "Drop Down Selections" might be renamed "Type of engine", and so on..



Once you have given the item and additional content, it's time to save it and see the results of how your extra fields are displayed.


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