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Creating a Document for DOCMan

Once you have uploaded a file into to Joomla you will need to create the virtual document within DOCMan.

Navigate to Documents under DOCMan via the main menu in the admin area.


Components > DOCMan > Documents


Scroll down until you can find the name of the file that you are uploading into the system.

Tick the check box and click the New Doc icon in the top right area of the screen.


The Add Document screen will appear.

Enter the required information into the files, Name, Category, Agency and Publication and also check the approved and published states to yes.

  • Name refers to the name of the document
  • Category refers to the area of the website that it should sit under
  • Agency can usually be set to none and
  • Publications needs to be set to something appropriate.

To help users understand what the document is, a description of the document can also be entered in the Description area.

*Please note that the only thing that affects the search engine results in Joomla is the Name of the document and lesser so the description. The other fields have no effect.

Click SAVE and your document is now in the system and ready for linking.

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