Creating a new article

Articles make up the content of your website, and can consist of text, images and other media. A page on your website may contain one article or multiple articles.  

 To create a new Article, click Content from the top menu, and then select Article Manager from the drop down menu.


The following screen allows you to manage your existing articles, Or create a new article.

To create a new article, click the New button situated towards the top right corner of the page (highlighted in yellow in the following image).


The following page that appears allows you to type in your new article. Make sure to assign your article to a Section and a Category, using the drop down menu buttons. Click Save when you have finished.


On the right hand side of this page, Parameters and Metadata can be managed.

Toggles controlling functions such as displaying the date the article was created, and displaying the authors name can be modified here in the Parameters drop down menu.

Enter a description and various keywords into the Metadata Information drop down menu.

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