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Linking to Docman documents

If your site is using DocMan to manage all of its documents then the easiest way to link to all of these documents is to use the advanced link manager within the editor to browse to these documents that are stored within the system and the website.

Link to an External website

From time to time, you may need to link to another part of your server, pr to another website entirely.

Links: Inserting links within an item

There are several different types of links that can be created in editor.

  1. Link to an external site
  2. Link to DocMan documents
  3. Links to internal pages within the system
  4. Links to menu items
  5. Links to images and other documents
  6. Linking to an email address
  7. Anchors and linking internally on a page

This part of the manual will explain and demonstrate just how to create all of these links:

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