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Foundation Enrolment

Thank you for your support to JoomTraining and Joomla Beat and becoming a foundation member.

Foundation members are the very first ever members of the online training courses aimed at the more technical aspects of learning Joomla. Some of these ideas and concepts aren't covered anywhere else in the Joomla space and can really excell your knowledge and understanding of Joomla.

Foundation memberships are just $99, (+ credit card processing fees & taxes), for a life time membership to the JoomTraining courses.

Once the foundation period expires, regular monthly subscriptions will start at $99 a month.

These course will cover topics such as (but not limited to):

  • Advanced template creation using frameworks
  • Advanced content construction kits for Joomla
  • Security procedures and precautions with Joomla
  • Workflow and deployment of websites to servers
  • Website maintenance
  • and of course, overview of various Joomla systems and concepts

More and more courses and topics will be added over time as they are requested from the community and JoomTraining subscribers.


All of these courses have been created by the team at PB Web Development, the same team behind the Joomla Beat Podcast and many other great Joomla projects.

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