After installing the T3 blank template we essentially have a blank canvas, ready to start painting your website over the top. For many people, the first step might be to get right into the existing CSS files and start styling the website to match their grand vision, playing around with colours, widths of columns, adding in some cool bootstrap effects and much more. It is just logical to start here. However when using the T3 framework it is not recommended to start modifying the existing CSS files without the prior knowledge of what they do. Infact it can be down right disastrous!

Let me paint a scenario for you. You have installed T3 and spent hours or perhaps even days modifying the CSS files to make the website styled exactly how you want it - and with it finally finished you can now sit back and admire your hard work. There's just one more thing to do, and that is update the T3 Blank website as you have noticed a newer version has been released in the time that you have been working on your website. Easy enough you think as you press the update button. Unknowingly you have just over written all your hard work, as the newer T3 Blank template files innocently replaces all their older existing counterparts. A big mistake that could have been avoided if you only knew the correct protocol for using the CSS and LESS with the T3 framework.