T3 has an inbuilt theme customiser which allows you to create basic styles for the main areas of your template which can be accessed by the Theme Magic button at the top of T3's menu.

The theme magic parameters can be set for each individual theme and previewed before commiting the changes. Let's run through some of the Theme Magic parameters:


{modal images/courses/t3/06-a-look-at-theme-magic/typo.jpg|Title=Typography options}Typography options{/modal}


The typo options control how fonts are displayed in the template. Size and font family can be set from these input fields.


{modal images/courses/t3/06-a-look-at-theme-magic/color.jpg|Title=Color options}Color options{/modal}


 The theme brand, background, text, heading and link colors can be individually set using a hex values color picker.


{modal images/courses/t3/06-a-look-at-theme-magic/module.jpg|Title=Assigning module colors}Assigning module colors{/modal}


Colors for background, text, and titles for module positions can be individually set using a hex value color picker.


{modal images/courses/t3/06-a-look-at-theme-magic/spotlight-styles.jpg|Title=Spotlight styles}Spotlight styles{/modal}

Spotlight Styles

Simple color configuration can be assigned for the spotlight positions using a hex value color picker.


{modal images/courses/t3/06-a-look-at-theme-magic/footer-styles.jpg|Title=Footer styles}Footer styles{/modal}

Footer styles

Color for the footer area of the theme can be assigned for the background, text, modules, and titles using a hex value color picker.


{modal images/courses/t3/06-a-look-at-theme-magic/grid.jpg|Title=Grid configuration}Grid configuration{/modal}


The responsive break point widths for the layout can be defined for each device using a pixel value.


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