First things first, you'll need to download and install the T3 framework plugin and the blank template to start off with. So lets head over to and click the Downloads button at the top of the page. There are a few different option on this page, allowing you to download the various files and documentation you might need. The T3 Framework Package is a great starting point that provides you with the T3 framework itself, and a very usefull template called T3 BS3_Blank which is based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. Further down the page you can download the template seperately, or the T3 framework seperately.

{modal images/courses/t3/02-downloading-and-installing-t3/downloading-T3.jpg|Title=Downloading the T3 Framework}Downloading the T3 Framework{/modal}


Let's go ahead and download the very first option on the page: the entire T3 Framework Package.

Once it has finished downloading, install this package using Joomla's extension manager - Just you would would use when installing most other Joomla components, templates, moduals, or plugins.

{modal images/courses/t3/02-downloading-and-installing-t3/installing.jpg|Title=Installing the T3 Framework}Installing the T3 Framework{/modal}


Now head over to Joomla's template manager (Accessed by clicking Extensions in Joomla's top menu), and click the t3_BS_blank - Default template so that we can begin configuring the template to our needs.

{modal images/courses/t3/02-downloading-and-installing-t3/template-manager.jpg|Title=Joomla's template manager}Joomla's template manager{/modal}


The first thing we need to do is rename our template. To do this, simply type a new name into the Style Name field and click Save. It's possible to have many instances of this template each with their own unique name, assigned to various pages of the website. Clicking the small white arrow next to the Save button will reveal a Save as Copy option.

{modal images/courses/t3/02-downloading-and-installing-t3/renaming-the-template.jpg|Title=Renaming the TS BS3 Blank template}Renaming the TS BS3 Blank template{/modal}


T3 Blank already has a great layout of module positions, but I recommend creating a new unique layout so that we can tailor the module positions to our own needs. This will also allow us to be able to install new updates for the template and not overwrite any of our modifications to the code. 

Click on the Layout tab, and select the Save as Copy button. A pop-up window will prompt you to give your layout a new name. Click the Clone it button after you have named your layout. You should confirm that your new layout is now selected from the drop down box immediately next to the Save as Copy button.

{modal images/courses/t3/02-downloading-and-installing-t3/renaming-your-layout.jpg|Title=Renaming your layout}Renaming your layout{/modal}


We now need to create a new theme which will hold all out unique CSS styles. Click the Theme Magic button from the top menu. From the new screen that appears click the small arrow that appears next to the Preview button and select Save As. A pop-up window will prompt you to enter a new theme name. After naming your theme, click the Back to Administrator button in the top left corner.

{modal images/courses/t3/02-downloading-and-installing-t3/Creating-a-new-theme.jpg|Title=Creating a new theme}Creating a new theme{/modal}


Make sure to select your new theme for the Theme select field, and hit the Save icon in the top right corner to save all our changes.

{modal images/courses/t3/02-downloading-and-installing-t3/Saving-your-theme.jpg|Title=Saving your theme}Saving your theme{/modal}


Our T3 Blank template is ready to be used, so let's assign the template to our website by heading back to Joomla's template manager, and clicking the star next our to template to make it our websites default template.

{modal images/courses/t3/02-downloading-and-installing-t3/Assigning-your-Joomla-template.jpg|Title=Assigning your template}Assigning your template{/modal}


Advanced tip

You can also create a new template layout and theme by duplicating and renaming the following files in your template directory:

  • templates/t3_BS3_blank/tpls/default.php
  • templates/t3_BS3_blank/less/themes


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