The spotlights are a flexible area of the T3 blank template (and many other T3 complient templates). They create pre-determined amount of horizontally placed module positions. Each module is spaced equally along the row. 

To control the spotlights, click on Layout within your template. By default the T3_Blank template contains 3 spotlights areas.

{modal images/courses/t3/Customising-the-Spotlight-Areas/spotlight-positions.jpg|Title=T3 Blank spotlight layout}T3 Blank spotlight layout{/modal}


The amount of module positions can be determined by selecting from the buttons under each position.

{modal images/courses/t3/Customising-the-Spotlight-Areas/Selecting-the-amount.jpg|Title=Selecting the amount of spotlight positions}Selecting the amount of spotlight positions{/modal}


Each module position has a default name which can be changed by selecting from a list of template module positions revealed by clicking the cog wheel icon.

{modal images/courses/t3/Customising-the-Spotlight-Areas/spotlight-module-positions.jpg|Title=Spotlight module positions}Spotlight module positions{/modal}

Advanced tip

Try creating a new spotlight block by duplicating an existing block and modifying the code so that each position has a unique name.

{modal images/courses/t3/Customising-the-Spotlight-Areas/Creating-a-new-spotlight-row.jpg|Title=Creating a new spotlight row}Creating a new spotlight row{/modal}


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