Let's have a look at the options contained within the T3 BS3 Blank template. Head to Joomla's template manager and click on the T3 BS3 Blank template. The template option are broken up into various pages accessible via the horizontal menu towards the top of the page.

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The first page covers the basic template information, providing notification on updates and links to the T3 framework and template.


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The General tab displays switches that effect the styles, themes and layouts of your template. Let's look at these options in more detail:

  • Development Mode
    Switching this on stops the need to compile your LESS files instead using the LESS files directly. This allows you to make developmental changes to your website without needing to compile yoru less files every time a change is made. The downside is that your website runs considerably slower whilst this option is switched on.
  • Theme Magic
    This enables the theme magic interface directly from yoru template, where rudimentary global styling can be set.
  • Legacy Compatible
    When switched on this allows the template to parse older Bootstrap 2 and Font Awesome 3 styles.
  • Responsive
    This option enables the bootstrap framework to be used on mobile devices. After switching this on it is neccessary to compile your LESS files in order to see this take effect.
  • Build RTL CSS
    Enables the CSS styles to be used for right to left written languages.
  • T3 Assets Folder
    You can assign a folder to be used by T3 to place it's temporary files, used whist development mode is switched on. This folder is also used when CSS optimisation is switched on
  • Show T3 Logo
    toggles the display of the T3 logo placed in the footer area of the website.
  • Optimization
    Switches on the CSS and JS compression so that these files are merged into a single file (and placed in the T3 Assets folder). These options are only effective whilst development mode is switched off.
  • Link Title for Article View
    Disables the linkable titles in Joomla article view.


{modal images/courses/t3/03-an-overview-of-the-t3-bs3-blank-template-options/Theme.jpg|Title=Theme options}Theme options{/modal}


These setting relate to various visual components of the template

  • Theme
    Allows you to choose from a LESS theme. It is recommended that you set up a unique theme for your template rather than using a default theme, so that any modifications you make to the theme are not overwritten when performing template upgrades.
  • Logo Type
    Toggles between using an image of text in the logo area of the template header.
  • Site name
    Insert the name of the website in this field
  • Slogan
    Insert a slogan, mantra, or phrase into this optional field.
  • Logo Image
    Upload and image to be used as your website logo
  • Enable Small Logo
    Allows an optional second logo to be uploaded used in smaller responsive layouts.

{modal images/courses/t3/03-an-overview-of-the-t3-bs3-blank-template-options/layout.jpg|Title=Layout & Module positions}Layout & Module positions{/modal}


This page displays the module positions contained wihin the template and configurations for the spotlight blocks. Layouts can also be created and purged using the buttons at the top of the page.

{modal images/courses/t3/03-an-overview-of-the-t3-bs3-blank-template-options/navigation.jpg|Title=Navigation options}Navigation options{/modal}


The page controls how the main navigation block of the website behaves. It's worth noting that the T3 Blank website doesn't require the main menu to be placed into a module position.

  • Menu
    Assign a joomla menu to the main naviagtion block
  • Dropdown Trigger
    Determines how the drop down menu is activated. The two options are Hover and Click.
  • Enable Megamenu
    Toggles between Joomla's default and T3s drop down menu system.
  • Animation
    Sets the visual effect of the drop down menu.
  • Collapse navigation for small screens
    Switches the bootstrap controlled responsive navigation on or off.


{modal images/courses/t3/03-an-overview-of-the-t3-bs3-blank-template-options/addons.jpg|Title=Add-on options}Add-on options{/modal}


This page controls the built in add-ons for the T3 framework. The off-canvas slidebar is controlled from this page.


{modal images/courses/t3/03-an-overview-of-the-t3-bs3-blank-template-options/custom-code.jpg|Title=Inserting custom code}Inserting custom code{/modal}

Custom code

This page allows you insert cutomised code into the template without needing to use a text editor to view the blocks of the template


{modal images/courses/t3/03-an-overview-of-the-t3-bs3-blank-template-options/assignment.jpg|Title=Template assignment}Template assignment{/modal}


This page allows you to assign the template layout to idividual pages of the webiste. Multiple instances of the template can be used each with a different layout.


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