Designing for T3

From a designers point of view, knowing how a framework is put together will help a designer create something that a developer or implementer can easily convert into a working template.

Understanding limitations and working within the bounds will make for a really happy front-end developer. 

Of course you're not limited to these limitations, a really good front-end developer will be able to push these boundaries and limitations to create anything that you imagine.

This section of the course will explain the ideas and concepts around why bootstrap was made and the grid layouts that were applied to it to help make life easier for developers and designers alike.

Designing to a framework

With and understanding of how T3 works and how to customise it, a designer and developer can now work in tandem when designing and building a website but there are a few things that a designer will need to know.

For some designers, working to a grid system or a framework is just what they are use to. Whether it was designing to a 960 grid or bootstrap, if you've already familiar with it then this chapter might not be of interest, but for those that have never designed to a framework or a grid system before then it is important to take it into account.

If you work in and agency where your designs are passed on to a developer for implementation and at that point your hands are free from the job then you might be making the development process harder than it should be.

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