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Adding new products to K2 Mart

This tutorial give an overview on how to add products into K2Mart via K2 for Joomla. It is as easy as adding in a new page to the website. The only thing to remember is to make sure that you add your products into the main category or a sub cateogry of K2Mart. Another pointer to remeber is that each product must have a unique SKU code to identify it in the system.

The Module Manager

A great feature of Joomla is the Module Manager, which allows you to insert various functions into your website. Perhaps you want to include a search bar, or a latest news updates box, or a menu contained within your websites side bar. The module manager is where all this action begins.

Joomla already has a whole lot of great default modules you can begin using straight away, and there are also literally thousands of other modules and plugins you can download from the Joomla Extensions Directory that have been submitted by many Joomla users around the world.

Media Manager

The media manager is the perfect place to store your images, videos, and PDF documents. It can be used effectively as a filing system. Media can be uploaded at any time, and retrieved and inserted into articles at any stage.

Identifying module positions in a template - Joomla 1.6

In earlier version of Joomla, identifying module positions in a template was a relatively easy task. Using the command ?tp=1 in your URL displayed an overlay on your websites template revealing each module position. This is very handy if you want to identify the placement of a particular module position, and can still be achieved in Joomla 1.6.



First, you need to enable the module preview function, but clicking on Template Manager from the Extensions menu.


Then Click the Options button.


From the pop-up window that appears, Enable the Preview Module Positions option.

Now you have that enabled, view your website template in your browser.

The next step is dependent on the url of your page.

If you are viewing a standard page or article from your website, add ?tp=1 immediately after the URL of the page in your browser, and press return.


If you are viewing a page on your site that has generated using a variable (a search result for instance), add &tp=1 immediately after the URL of the page in your browser, and press return.


Each module position will know be overlayed on your website. To remove the overlay, either delete the command from theURL, or navigate to a different page.


Category Manager

In Joomla, all articles need to be placed into a category. You can have as many categories as you like.The advantages of using categories is simple - Being able to group different items and articles together gives you greater control on how your website is managed. 

Article Permissions

When creating a new article, Access to an article can be specified using the Article Permissions settings. These setting allow users to be able to edit or even delete articles if they have the authorised access.

First select a profile from the menu on the left, and define the access level from the form on the right. The actions corrospomd with the settings you choose from the drop down menu.

Exploring an article's Publishing Options


When creating a new article, there are many parameters that can be set to display specific information and layouts for your article.

In this tutorial we will explore the publishing options, displayed on the right hand side of the screen.

Creating a calender module using K2 Tools

K2 can generate a customisable calendar that can be placed into any module position, pulling data from specified items. A typical use of the calender may be to publish specific items from a category, and display them via clicking the relevent dates on the calender itself.


Displaying a specified number of items / articles on your front page.

On your website, you may wish to display a specific number of articles in a blog layout on your front page. The following instructions determine how many blog articles (or items) are displayed at a give time.

Changing the display order of articles

Modyfying the order of your articles is very easy in Joomla. This is really usefull if you require particular articles to be published towards the top of your page, or other specific articles published in a particular order.

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