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Peter Bui

Peter Bui has been a Joomla designer and Joomla developer since 2006 back in the very early days of Joomla. Peter has been building websites using Joomla ever since. PB Web Development started back in 2006 and has been creating websites for clients in Australia, USA, Canada, UK and Israel.
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User Notes Categories in Joomla 2.5

User Notes is a way to keep tabs on what users are what in the administrator end of a Joomla website. As a site gets larger and larger and more members and administrators work on a site, it is sometimes hard to keep track of all these users and their roles for the website.

User notes is a friendly little reminder to website administrators as to who is who and who does what.

Further more, categories can be setup to help group these notes together in cases where there are large amounts of notes.

User Notes in Joomla 2.5

User Notes is a great new feature that has been added to Joomla 2.5 to help manage all those administrators and registered users that have accounts on your Joomla website.

In large websites with hundreds of user accounts it is sometimes hard to remember, over a period of time, who is who and what role each user may have on the website.

With user notes in Joomla 2.5 you can add in extra little bits of information about each user to help remind you of who they are and their exact role on the website.

User notes can also be used to track issues that registered users may be having on a website. User related problems with their accounts can be added to User Notes allowing website administrators to follow up and attend to issues a user may be having.

Joomla 2.5 User Notes explained

Front End Login to Joomla

On any Joomla website you can login to the front end of the website without needing a specific link to the front end login page. You may ask, why you would want to login to the front end of the website? In some circumstances, an administrator may wish to login to the front end to see content that is marked in their group as 'special' and can only be seen on the front end after logging in. 

You could easily add a login form on the website or a direct menu link to the login page but as an administrator you may not want regular users accessing the login page at all, and hence displaying a login module or login link may not be acceptable.

October Sydney Joomla Training Sessions

We're having one training session next Wednesday morning, 12th October 2011. 

There is room for one more trainee. Please contact us if you're interested in attending the session.


The last training session for this month in Sydney is on the 21st of October.

Please contact us for more information about this date as well.

Sydney JoomlaDay 2011

Joomladay-sydney-logo-2011For all Joomla enthusists that are in Sydney, the Sydney Joomla User Group are putting on a conference this November 5th-6th.

It will be a two day conference with one day of presentations ending in a large networking and social event. The second day comprises of workshops for leading industry experts and leaders in their fields.

It will be the only Joomla conference here in Australia for 2011.

To find out more information about JoomlaDay Sydney, please check out the Sydney JoomlaDay conference website.

Adelaide Joomla Training sessions - 3rd August 2011

Tomorrow we'll be in Adelaide doing various training sessions for Joomla users around Adelaide.

Unfortunately we're now fully booked and can't take on any more users.

We'll be posting up photos and training notes from these sessions over the coming weeks.

Upgrading Joomla 1.6 to Joomla 1.7

Here is a quick little video on how to update Joomla 1.6.x to Joomla 1.7.

The process takes a few minutes to download the new version from the website so please be patient.

It is also worth noting that the fOpen php function needs to be enabled on your web server in order for it to download the xml update files from the servers. If fOpen is turned off for what ever reason you will not be able to do the simple one click upgrade for Joomla.

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Facebook Fan Pages Powered by Joomla

[pending completion on release of Facebook Template for Joomla]

This tutorial will take you through the step by step process of setting up the custom Facebook template for your Joomla website and then creating a custom Facebook Application that will pull in the content from your website. For further support please contact PB Web Development.

Upgrading Joomla 1.5 to the Latest Patch Version

This is a short video that demonstrates how quick and easy it to update Joomla 1.5 to the latest version.

You can obtain the component that is being used in this video called, "Update Manager for Joomla" from:


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If you're having issues using the component then it would be best to check out Sam Moffatt's website which contains a few trouble shooting tutorials regarding his Joomla updating component.

Staging and Live Server Publishing


In large organisations there are may be a requirement for development and staging servers of a website. This allows publishers and editors with easily view and play around with content on a working version of the website before it is published to the live servers.

The development and staging servers also allow for testing and evaluation of extensions and content that is setup on the site but when the editor or web administrator is happy with the content on the site, instead of redoing all of their work again on the live server, the administrator should be able to push their new content and changes live rather than rebuilding again.

This tutorial shows how to publish content live from a staging server using a Joomla component called "Working Copy".

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