Joomla 2.5

  • In Joomla, all articles need to be placed into a category. You can have as many categories as you like.The advantages of using categories is simple - Being able to group different items and articles together gives you greater control on how your website is managed. 

    The category manager allows you to administer how your categories are displayed, and create or delete categories.


    1. The options placed towards the top right of the page allow users to create new categories, edit existing one, and toggle on or off the published status of existing categories.

    2. The filter allows you to search for specific categories using specific words contained with the category name. Just be sure to remember to "Clear" the filter once you have finished using it.

    3. Searches can be further refined using the drop down menu filters:

    Select Max Levels 
    Determines how many hierarhial levels will be displayed in the filtered results

    Select State
    Use this to display articles matching a certain c riteria: Published. Unpublished, Archived, Trash, or All

    Select Access
    Use the drop-down list box to select the desired Access Level. Only items with the specified Access Level will be displayed in the list.

    Select Language
    Use this drop-down list box to select a desired Language. Only items for the specified language will be displayed in the list.

    4. Ordering allows you control on how articles are displayed within a blog layout. To change the order of the articles, re-number each box, or click the arrow icons up and down to move articles respectively. When you have finished, click the diskette icon (found at the top of the column) to save the order.

  • Sometimes if you're coming up with issues on a website and something isn't working right, you can start debugging the issues by turning on the error reporting on the Joomla website.

    If you're getting a white screen, also known as the white screen of death (WSD) then it may mean that the website is throwing errors but displaying errors is being suppressed.

    To turn on error reporting on your Joomla website, simply:

    1. Navigate to the admin area of your website and login
    2. Navigate to the Global Configuration
    3. and click on the Server tab option

    From here you will see the screen with "server setting" options.

    changing error reporting joomla.25

    For the option, "Error Reporting", try setting this to simple at first.

    This will alert you of any serious malfunctions on the website. If that doesn't work then up the level of reporting step by step until maximum.

    Please note that maximum will show you everything including notifications and warnings on your website. These would be very numerous.

  • The latest version of Joomla has made the process of managing your articles even easier, with a much more streamlined logic behind the process of cataloging your articles. 

    Sections are no longer used in Joomla 1.6 onwards, instead Categories can be nested within one another to create a more efficient hierarchy of articles and categories.

    To create a category click on Content button in the top menu, and follow the rollover from Category Manager to Add New Category.

    Enter the Title and Alias in the following screen. It doesn't matter what you enter in these fileds, but it is a good idea to make them relevent to the content. For instance, If I call my category "Sports Cars", I can give it the alias "Sports Cars" as well.

    A description can also be entered from this screen. This will be shown at the top of the page for that section. For instance, In our category "Sports Cars", you may want to have an introductory paragraph or image. Enter this information in the Description field.

    Make sure to press the Save button (Situated towards the top right hand corner of the page).

    Categories can be nested inside other Categories. To do this, Click on the drop down menu entitled Parent, and select the category that you wish to use as the parent category.


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