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The media manager is the perfect place to store your images, videos, and PDF documents. It can be used effectively as a filing system. Media can be uploaded at any time, and retrieved and inserted into articles at any stage.

 Access to the Media Manager is via the Media Manager icon from the Joomla control panel:


or can be accessed by selecting MEDIA MANAGER from the CONTENT menu in the top menu bar:



 Images, Videos & documents can be uploaded to your web site server via the Media Manger by clicking the BROWSE FILES button.


Once uploaded to your website server, your media is now available for use from the Media Manager. You can create and delete folders to better organise your media, and also delete media directly from the Media Manager.


For more advanced control over your media, click the OPTIONS button situated in the top right corner. A window will appear. From this default COMPONET tab that opens you can determone what file types are allowed to be uploaded to your server, and change the file path to where images will default to when uploaded.


The PERMISSIONS tab allows you to allocate permissions to the various types of users. For instance, you may wish to grant an Editor full permission to up load all types of media, an Author only permission to upload images, and a Registered User no permission to upload any media at all.


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