Fri, 29 Mar 2021 13:49:11 +1100 MYOB en-gb Upgrading Joomla 1.5 to the Latest Patch Version

This is a short video that demonstrates how quick and easy it to update Joomla 1.5 to the latest version.

You can obtain the component that is being used in this video called, "Update Manager for Joomla" from:



If you're having issues using the component then it would be best to check out Sam Moffatt's website which contains a few trouble shooting tutorials regarding his Joomla updating component.

]]> (Peter Bui) Website Management Sun, 19 Jun 2021 10:18:44 +1000 Site Maintenance

Site maintenance menu that has been added to Joomla 1.6 collates all of the general site maintenance features that are in Joomla.

These include:


Site Maintenance fig. 1


Global Check-in

When a user in the backend of Joomla access an article or module in the site, the access to that particular part of Joomla is blocked to any other users.

Sometimes it is necessary to clear this blocked access as a users' session may have expired or the article or module that was being edited didn't have the access to the item closed correctly.

Navigating to Global check-in from the menu will clear all access restrictions due to another user accessing the content item and allow others to gain access.

Clear Cache

When site cache is turned on, there are times when you will want to clear the cache in order to see changes to content and the website. 

Navigate to the menu item and select clear cache. This wil clear it and generate a new cache of the pages that you are viewing and testing on the website

Purge Expired Cache

Cache within Joomla has an expiry time. This time is setup in the configuration of the site and the caching pluggins. When these cache files expire, Joomla will create new cache files. From time to time you will need to purge the cache as it will be taking up disk space.

NAvigate to the purge expired cache menu item and all expired cache items will be removed.

]]> (Peter Bui) Website Management Mon, 10 Jan 2021 13:25:05 +1100 Backups

Backups on the website are done at two levels.

  1. automated database backups that are sent to an email addresses specified by the main site administrator. This automated process is controlled by the backend plugin, LazyBackup that can be found in the plugins manager of the administrator part of the site.
  2. The second is managed by JoomlaPack / AkeebaBackup which is a Joomla component manageable as an admin in the administrator side of the website. This component is set up to create a full zip file of the entire site and is usually stored in the TMP folder found on the website. This folder should be backed up on a periodic basis and old backups should be purged as well.

    JoomlaPack has been configured to only keep a certain amount of recent backups so that hard disk space is not wasted on irrelevant backups of the intranet.

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