The Module Manager

A great feature of Joomla is the Module Manager, which allows you to insert various functions into your website. Perhaps you want to include a search bar, or a latest news updates box, or a menu contained within your websites side bar. The module manager is where all this action begins.

Joomla already has a whole lot of great default modules you can begin using straight away, and there are also literally thousands of other modules and plugins you can download from the Joomla Extensions Directory that have been submitted by many Joomla users around the world.

 The Module Manager can be access from Joomla's control panel by clicking the Module Manager Icon:



It can also be accessed from the EXTENSIONS tab in the top menu bar:



From here you will be taken to the module manager. Let's run through a few of the important features of this screen:


1. Towards the top of the module manager are a row of icons. It is here that you can insert 'new' modules into your site, 'edit' or alter the published status of existing modules. Let's look at these icons in greater detail. (If you are already familiar with these icons, you can jump straight to step 2, where we explore the module managers filtering options.

Allows you to insert new modules into your website.

After selecting a module from the list, clicking the EDIT button will open up the parameters for that specific module, and allow you to alter th emodules behaviour.

First create the module, then selct it from the list of modules and click DUPLICATE. The function will make an exact replicate of an existing module.

After selecting an existing module from the list, clicking either of these two buttons alters the published status of a module. Perhaps you want to disable a particular module from your website for a period of time, but do not wish to delete the module. This is the feature that will allow you to do this.

If you find that you are locked out of a particular module, in most cases this is because another user or administrator of the website is currently already editing that module. In this scenario click CHECK IN to allow multiple users into that module.

Modules that are no longer required can be discarded into the trash can.

Controls the various levels of access to the module manager for specific levels of users.

Brings up a window where further information can be accessed about the media manger.


2. The filter allows you to find specific modules from the list of modules. It can be filtered using keywords, or by selecting paramenters from the pull down menus.

3. The list of modules also displays information about the published status of each module, the position the module is locked in to, and the order that the module appears within that position.

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