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Have you heard of the T3 framework and have tried to build a Joomla website with it but just couldn't work out where to start?

This online training course will take you through the ins and outs of T3 from the basics of theT3 framework to more advanced techniques and usage of the framework to help speed up and optimise your website design and development with the T3 framework.

Take your Joomla sites to the next level and really learn how to use T3 to build amazing responsive Joomla websites.


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What is T3 Framework

The T3 framework is a third generation Joomla templating framework originally developed by the Joomla templating shop, Joomlart. Joomlart have been making professional themes since the early days of Joomla and have never stopped.

In building up their templates for Joomla, they also developed a framework to help standardise their templates and speed up the development of their monthly templates. As a result, T3 is now open source and many template developers and Joomla developers around the world have taken up the framework as their base foundry for all the websites that they build.

All of Joomlart's templates use T3, JoomlaBamboo also uses T3 and so do many other template providers. Understanding T3 and how it works will open you up to being able to customise and modify many Joomla templates online as well as create and build your own.

At PB Web Development, T3 has been used since version 2 in 2009 and still is used in all of the websites today. 

If you want to learn how to make awesome professional websites, this is definitely the way to go.

Check out this overview webinar video that goes over the basics of T3.


What This Course Covers

Beginners T3 Course

  • What and why
  • Downloading and Installing T3
  • An Overview of the T3V3 Template Options
  • Good Practices with Templates
  • Creating T3 Styles
  • A Look at Theme Magic
  • Themes in T3
  • Layouts in T3
  • Navigation and Mega Menus
  • Working with LESS in T3
  • Build Blocks in T3
  • Customising the Spotlight Areas



Understand exactly what T3 is and why you would use T3 in your web projects.

Whether its a website for a customer/client, yourself or if you are building website templates to sell on to others, T3 is an ideal framework to help speed up your development and implementation of your designs while also making them mobile ready.

This part of the course goes into examples of why you would use T3, who is already using T3 and why we love using it so much.

If you're completely new to T3 then this is where you should start.

This section of the course will take you through the step by step processes in regards to how to install the framework and how to get it installed on your Joomla website. Whether it is using the default T3 Blank template or using one of the many templates provided by so many template providers around the world that use T3, this is the perfect starting point.

This section of the course is free for any users.


The file system is the most daunting part of T3 when first getting into it.

There are so many files compared to a simple core Joomla template making it hard to determine what is what.

From a designers point of view, knowing how a framework is put together will help a designer create something that a developer or implementer can easily convert into a working template.

Understanding limitations and working within the bounds will make for a really happy front-end developer. 

Of course you're not limited to these limitations, a really good front-end developer will be able to push these boundaries and limitations to create anything that you imagine.

This section of the course will explain the ideas and concepts around why bootstrap was made and the grid layouts that were applied to it to help make life easier for developers and designers alike.